Disabled List Shenanigans

Yesterday at NBC I wrote with skepticism about Dontrelle Willis’ stay on the disabled list. Today Jayson Stark runs with that — and with a couple of other curious disabled list cases — and asks whether messing with the DL is a common form of shenanigans in Major League Baseball. While he asks a lot […]

Gambling on steroid suspensions

I never cease to be surprised at the sheer number of things you can gamble on. For example: The online betting website Bookmaker.com has posted odds on who will be the next player suspended by MLB under the drug policy in 2009. Alex Rodriguez is still eligible at 3/1 followed by Adrian Beltre at 375 […]

Umpire Paul Schrieber Apologizes

From MLB.com: Umpire Paul Schrieber apologized Thursday for making contact with the Tigers’ Magglio Ordonez during a confrontation Wednesday night. “In yesterday’s game, after I called Magglio Ordonez out on strikes, I inadvertently placed my hand on his back and ushered him away from home plate so that I would not have to eject him […]

Behold the power of baseball blogs

Jane Heller was stuck in her house in Santa Barbara at the height of the recent wildfire. She understandably freaked out a bit, but something kept her sane: The phone rang with rumors of friends whose houses were burning to the ground. The local television stations suspended their regular programming to cover the fire nonstop […]

My Morning in Exile

This week is turning out to be a real bummer on the work front, so apologies for the lighter content. There will certainly be more stuff to come today, and next week things should be back to normal, but it will still be a little bit sluggish today and tomorrow. In the meantime: The umpire […]

And That Happened

Lots of games got delayed last night due to rain causing them to end after my usual bedtime. As such, there wasn’t a chance that I was going to be able to be as comprehensive with these recaps as I usually am, seeing as though I’m writing way more of them this morning than I […]