Gluttony Night

This sounds like a fabulous idea: The Reading Phillies are looking for big eaters to attend Gluttony Night when the New Britain Rock Cats (Twins) visit FirstEnergy Stadium on Tuesday, May 19 for a 6:35 PM game. For just $12.00 fans can eat as much as they want from the time the gates open at […]

The Cubs are almost sold

The most protracted sale in the history of team sports is rounding third and racing, er, jogging, er, kind of shuffling for home! Chicago Cubs buyer Tom Ricketts is close to lining up three banks to arrange the $450 million financing necessary to complete his acquisition of the team, financial sources said, positioning him to […]

The 1992 Expansion Draft Revisited

Great stuff from Lar at Wezen-Ball, as he goes back to 1992 and re-runs the Marlns/Rockies expansion draft with the benefit of hindsight and adds a couple of choice free agent signings for good measure: What is the Internet good for, though, if we can’t take the time to figure this out ourselves? So I […]

Last Week in Bizball

Our friend Pete Toms has a new regular feature over at Maury’s place: The Business of Sports Network is pleased to announce the first instalment of “Last Week in Bizball”, a weekly notebook column from staff reporter Pete Toms. Each week LWIB will compile opinion and reporting on topical baseball biz subjects from the preceding […]

Target Field Update

The Pohlads are kicking in more money to the new joint. And the new joint is starting to sound pretty spiffy: The Pohlad family on Friday announced it has again increased its contribution toward the construction of the Minnesota Twins’ new ballpark to help pay for rooftop seating and various other design enhancements . . […]

This too shall pass

Frank Murtaugh of the Memphis Flyer has a pretty sane take on today’s baseball world: Whether your take [on steroids] is outrage or apathy, though, a deep breath would be valuable as the 2009 baseball season nears its third month. The game is not dying, by any stretch. And there is reason to believe — […]

My Morning in Exile

Fun NBC fact: Nicholas Colasanto, the guy who played the character Coach on “Cheers,” was also a television director. He did episodes of “Ironsides,” “Columbo,” and “The Misadventures of Sherriff Lobo.” He did a couple episodes of “Bonanza” too. The more you know . . . I expanded on yesterday’s item about the statistical evidence […]

And That Happened

Rays 7, Indians 5: As you probably read yesterday, Joe Maddon screwed up the lineup card by listing two third basemen and no DH, thereby causing the pitcher to have to bat because, hey, rules are rules. Even worse: Sonnanstine had to bat third. Even worse, for the Indians anyway: he went 1-3 with a […]