Keith Law up for Auction

As of 4:15pm today, it will cost you $441 to get in on this action: If you think you’ve got an eye for baseball, then this package is for you! Accompany’s Keith Law to a minor league baseball game and learn how scouts watch and analyze players. Learn how to detect flaws and strengths […]

Great Graphics

Click this link to look at the little graphic uses to represent interleague play. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Battling eagles. It looks like something you’d expect to see on the Daily Show or at the Onion or something.

Quote of the Day

Terry Francona on the Metrodome in which, barring a Boston-Minnesota playoff series, the Red Sox will never play again: “I have a lot of respect for the Twins — I always have — because I love the way they play the game, I really do. [But] I think this place stinks. This ballpark stinks. Balls […]

Milton Bradley is NOT getting boned

Last week I suggested that someone who know something about Pitchf/x to analyze Milton Bradley’s claims that he’s being squeezed. Dave Allen stepped up and knocked it out of the park. Thanks, Dave. You rock. I’m a Pitchf/x moron, but it strikes me that while its highest and best use is probably inside a baseball’s […]

The Ultimate Road Trip

My NBC colleague Bob Harkins has a long piece up about folks who do the 30 ballparks in one season thing. Lots of good anecdotes in there, a great interactive map, and a good overview of the logistical hurdles such a trip presents. The biggest hurdles for the ultimate road trip, however, could be personal […]

My Morning in Exile

I’m shocked I had time to write these posts, what with putting together my “Vote for Jerry Hairston, Jr.” website. What, we’re only outraged at certain PED users? Pfft. If only that one landowner hadn’t held out when Citi Field was built, forcing it to jut out its right field bleachers like that. The Baltimore […]

And That Happened

Box scores! Get your fresh hot box scores! Cubs 5, Pirates 2: If Trey Hillman got suspended for spraying it instead of saying it, Carlos Zambrano is probably going to be tied up and sent out into the desert on the back of a donkey Thunderdome-style after his outburst yesterday. By the way, I love […]