That oughta fix everything

The Nationals have fired pitching coach Randy St. Claire. He’s being a total pro about it: “That’s life,” St. Claire said. “I’ve been in this game for 31 years. I’ve been fired before. But it’s a tough one… I would have liked to be around when the organization takes off.” St. Claire said he was […]

Is David Ortiz simply old?

Bill Simmons has a theory on David Ortiz. I think it makes more sense than the PED-withdrawal thing people have been muttering about: How many Latin players have been exposed for lying about their ages in the past few years? Hell, one of Papi’s best friends — Tejada — was found to have cut two […]

Tiger Stadium’s suffering is almost over

Tiger Stadium’s extended pain and suffering is about to end: What remains of historic Tiger Stadium will be demolished after the city rejected a US$33.4-million proposal by a non-profit group to preserve and renovate the old ballpark. The Economic Development Corp. board voted 7-1 to authorize the complete demolition of the stadium. Detroit Economic Growth […]

My Morning in Exile

Things I wrote this morning as my mind reeled after learning that the new lean-and-mean General Motors will have fewer total workers than GM employed in the town of my birth less than 30 years ago: Jason’s plan has hit a minor snag. The Big Unit doesn’t think he’ll be the last to 300 wins. […]


I find this: California table grapes are joining peanuts and popcorn at AT&T Park as part of an effort to offer healthy food choices at San Francisco Giants baseball games. Jim Howard, vice president of the Table Grape Commission, says pre-washed, de-stemmed Thompson seedless, red flame and other varieties have been at concession stands for […]

And That Happened

Sorry for the lack of blogging yesterday. It’s probably been two or three years since I’d had a day in court as contentious as yesterday. There were something like seven lawyers involved. People arguing back and forth. Objections on top of objections and, to top it off, a judge who isn’t the biggest fan of […]