Holy Moly!

Serious drama for Yorvit Torrealba and his family: The 11-year-old son of Colorado Rockies catcher Yorvit Torrealba was rescued by police after he was kidnapped according to a newspaper in his home country of Venezuela. Yorvit Eduardo and two of his uncles were reportedly kidnapped Tuesday morning in Guarenas, Venezuela while the boy was on […]

Jayson Stark’s hypothetical outrage

Reader Jason D. has a request: Please write about how damn stupid Stark’s ESPN.com piece on draft bonuses is. I’m bored at work. Gladly! Stark’s piece is about Stephen Strasburg and draft bonuses. Take it away Jayson: Fifty million bucks. Roll that around your tongue. Fifty million bucks. That’s not this week’s Powerball jackpot. That’s […]

Quote of the Day

BTF poster and Braves fan, Sam Hutcheson, responding to John Smoltz’s critical comments about the Braves’ release of Tom Glavine: John Smoltz is a sanctimonious prick. I hope his shoulder falls off. Frank Wren’s job is not to assemble an old-timers squad from the Braves’ HOF. Tom Glavine is 43, throws 80 on a good […]

My Morning in Exile

Two blogs? Why not? If you can’t ride two horses at once, you shouldn’t be in the circus . . . An old player’s career comes to an end. I suppose it has to be messy. It’s not like we do viking funerals anymore. I want to see Randy Johnson win his 300th game. I’d […]

More on Glavine

After a night’s sleep — and upon learning that Tommy Hanson has been called up and will pitch on Saturday — I have moderated my views about the whole Glavine affair. Upshot: While I concede that from a purely baseball perspective the Braves are better off with Tommy Hanson than Tom Glavine on the mound, […]

Stat Fun

With apologies to Jayson Stark’s research staff, I must say that I usually don’t care for those “look at these weird stats!” pieces. But this one did do what those things are intended to do, which is to make read it and go “Hmm. Neat”: A third of the way through the season, James Loney […]

And That Happened

Cubs 3, Braves 2: It’s understandable that the Braves lost given all of yesterday’s activity. Half the team was probably pissed that Glavine was released and the other half was wondering if they were going to be traded. As it was, Jeff Francouer struck out with the bases loaded in the sixth, killing the Braves’ […]