Penny for Francoeur?

That’s the rumor, anyway: The Braves already have made moves to augment their rotation, calling up super prospect Tommy Hanson to make his major league debut on Sunday, after summoning Kris Medlen last month. But Atlanta might not be done adding pitching. Atlanta is one of the teams in conversation with the Boston Red Sox […]

Tom Glavine Speaks

According to Tom, this is how it went down: Glavine said that he had expected all along to playing in Atlanta this weekend following a rehab schedule in the minors. “I would pitch the simulated game that I pitched at Turner Field, I would then pitch a 3- or 4-inning stint in Gwinnett, followed by […]

What’s the next act in the Ortiz saga?

Most of the commentariat is still wondering what’s wrong with Papi. Sox fan Russ Smith is on to the next question: The real question is how Boston’s normally sober and calculating general manager Theo Epstein is going to negotiate Ortiz’s exit from Fenway Park. He’s in a real bind: when Epstein dispatched onetime Sox legend […]

Trading Picks

Posnanksi has a big piece (not that he ever writes small ones) about trading draft picks. In it he cites yesterday’s Jayson Stark article approvingly, with a nod back at my comments about Stark. Two things: (1) Just to be clear, I don’t necessarily disagree with Stark’s overall “the draft it broken” argument. I think […]

My Morning in Exile

I just sent a brief down to court that may or may not get me held in contempt. I don’t plan on going to jail today, but in the off chance I do, you can enjoy these posts until my bosses come up with my bail money: If want Vicente Padilla, you can have Vicente […]

Nolan Ryan’s Guaranteed Tender

The Ballpark at Arlington is not among the top-10 vegetarian ballparks. This is likely not an accident: After years of trying to find a consistent, high quality steak, [Nolan] Ryan finally decided that the only way he could guarantee beef that was tender and good every time was to start his own brand. He gathered […]

And That Happened

Giants 5, Nationals 1: 300. My first memory of The Big Unit was watching him on TV as he pitched against the Braves on May 7, 1989. He was gangley and ineffective that afternoon, going four innings and giving up six runs and walking six guys on the second worst offense in the National League. […]

The legend of Danny Goodwin

In his debut article for The Hardball Times, Bruce Markusen examines the case of two-time draft king Danny Goodwin and what it could mean for potential No. 1 overall pick Steve Strasburg.