Great Moments in Rain Delays

Fun time in Cincinnati last night! First it was Jeff Brantley professing his admiration for Ted DiBiase, then some fine folks from my town decided to go all Rick Dempsey on us: During a lengthy rain delay at Tuesday night’s Cincinnati Reds game, two men jumped from the stands onto the field – one of […]

Quote of the Day

Buster Olney’s contribution to the post-Sosa world, couched in the notion that the clean players like Raul Ibanez should be outraged at the steroid users: Ibanez and others should say out loud that as far as they’re concerned, cheating should not be tolerated. Insist that the drug-testing penalties be given sharper teeth. Demand that one […]

Comment and response

This morning I wrote a post that, among other things, lauded the legal counsel Sammy Sosa appears to have been given in advance of his Congressional testimony in 2005. I said this: [Sosa] said “To be clear, I have never taken illegal performance-enhancing drugs.” He said “I have never injected myself or had anyone inject […]

My Morning in Exile

Things I wrote while struggling to come up with any ballplayer who, if implicated as a PED user, would truly surprise me. Maddux, maybe. Bob Horner. Lolich. Sammy Sosa: the leaking is way worse than the ‘roiding. A roundup of Sosa opinion in the greater blogosphere. Rizzo says that Manny Acta is the Nats’ “current” […]

The Sosa connection, or lack thereof

Will Carroll said something really interesting about the Sosa stuff over at Prospectus last night: I’ve always followed the steroid story as something of an epidemic. It often follows the same models, centering around hubs and nodes. The hubs are players like Jose Canseco or Bill Romanowski in the NFL who were evangelists for the […]

Geoff Baker Redux

Note: I’m giving this post from yesterday a bump for two reasons: First, it was posted kind of late, and a lot of people don’t scroll back past ATH on a given day, so it’s “new” to a lot of readers; Second, because Geoff Baker his ownself waded into the comments thread last night. I […]

And That Happened

Red Sox 8, Marlins 2: David Ortiz continues to heat up, adding a homer and a two-run single to his increasingly improving statline. Tim Wakefield was strong too. From the game story: Wakefield is now two starts and five home wins behind Roger Clemens for the most in Red Sox history in each category. I […]