I’d just like to remind everyone once again that there is quite a fascinating, high-level, and mature conversation going on in the Geoff Baker Redux thread. Fascinating because Geoff Baker has been showing up for a couple of days and, to his enormous credit given what I’ve written in the past week or so, taking […]

My Morning in Exile

Things I wrote while wondering how on Earth a basketball arena could cost nearly half a billion dollars. Titanium floors instead of parquet? Title banners woven from saffron? Jose Canseco says he’s going to sue Major League Baseball. Good luck with that. The Dodgers and Sox to soon get Manny and Smoltz back. Respectively, that […]

And That Happened

Orioles 6, Mets 4: Matt Wieters hits the first of what the prophecies have foretold will be a thousand career home runs, each more majestic than the last. The real story was the middle of the O’s order — Markakis, Huff and Mora — who combined to go 8 for 11 with four RBI. Blue […]