A coda to the Ibanez-Morris-Baker business

While posting was a bit slower the last couple of days, a lot of that had to do with the epic Geoff Baker thread. It certainly captured my reading and thinking attention and, at least for a while this morning and early afternoon, writing attention. At the risk of hyperbole, I think the comments in […]

Dusty Ryan called up

I don’t really care that the Tigers have a new catcher, and I don’t even really care that Ryan is on my Scoresheet team and that I can now actually use him (I have kind of abandoned management of my Scoresheet team and am letting it drift like a ghost ship). No, the reason why […]

Looking back at the Trop

Earlier this week I wrote about all of the problems with Tropicana Field. Lar from Wezen-Ball picked up the idea and ran with it. Lar’s thing is to go back and read the contemporaneous accounts of events we only now find to be interesting. It’s a really good thing, and it’s put to use wonderfully […]


This morning in ATH, I asked why Philly fans hate Rod Barajas. It was explained to me in the comments that it was because Barajas wussed out when he should have been blocking the plate against the Marlins a couple of years ago, allowing a run to score. The great Bob Timmermann — a librarian, […]

My Morning in Exile

For reasons that aren’t important, I spent a little time counting last night, and found that since I began this blog, I’ve written, 2,325 posts at the old Blogspot site, 1,184 posts on THT (including this one), and 318 posts on the NBC site. I guess I’m good and warmed up now, so it’s probably […]

And That Happened

Braves 7, Reds 0: Tommy Hanson shuts out the Reds over six innings. Not that he was brilliant or anything. He threw a lot of pitches, got into jams and all of the kind of stuff you see young kids do. But it’s all good, because even when he’s been getting lit up like a […]