Fehr to step down

This is pretty major: Don Fehr is stepping down as executive director of the Major League Baseball Players Association, a position he’s held since the mid-1980s, a source tells ESPN. Fehr will be replaced by general counsel Michael Weiner, pending board approval, the source said. An announcement is expected to be made later on Monday […]

As if my man-crush wasn’t big enough

Dear lord: After opening the third inning with a fly out, Pujols returned to the Cardinals clubhouse to review video. There he predicted to assistant hitting coach Mike Aldrete that his next at-bat would ricochet off the yet-to-open Royals Hall of Fame behind the visitors bullpen in left field. “He didn’t say he might hit […]

My Morning in Exile

Anyone know if there’s a scientific term for that particularly longing one gets to live in California while watching Angles, Dodgers, Padres, Giants or A’s games? It usually only comes up in those contexts. Even the most beautifully shot beach, vineyard, mountain or desert secenes don’t do it for me, but cut to a California […]

Moneyball movie won’t go into production

Look, we’re not selling jeans here, and if the suits in the studio have their way, we’re not going to be selling tickets to the film adaptation of “Moneyball” either: Just days away from the start of shooting, Columbia has taken Steven Soderbergh’s baseball drama “Moneyball” starring Brad Pitt off the field. Pulling the plug […]

And That Happened

Red Sox 6, Braves 5: First time I got to watch the Braves on TBS in like forever, and they just stink up the joint. All of that bad defense combined with weather imported from Scotland made this game about the only bad thing that happened to me on Father’s Day. If it wasn’t for […]