Even more self-promotion

Here I am talking Phillies-Braves (mostly Braves) over at Crashburn Alley. This is by far my most humiliating day as a blogger. I posted very few things, and what I did post consisted of two interviews of me and a post about my mail. If I had a publicist I’d give him a raise right […]

Programming Note

Sorry for the slow afternoon, but the day job is kicking my butt today. As such, I may not have anything new this afternoon. In the meantime, know that this morning’s Bucky Dent mystery has been solved. The cards, it seems, were sent by Josh Wilker’s publisher. Wilker, as you all know, is the proprietor […]

More Self Promotion

I was interviewed by Russ Smith over at Splice Today, and the results are up here. Among the covered topics: the future of the Orioles, the future of the Braves, the future of PED scandals, Eric Wedge’s lack of a future, and whether, if forced to choose, I’d rather watch a national FOX broadcast or […]

My Morning in Exile

Bucky Dent is nice, but I was really hoping for a Joe Shlabotnik . .. Contrary to popular belief, Matt Wieters is not omnipotent. Indeed, he’s not even monopotent these days. Milton Bradley may cause a lot of problems, but trying to draw walks doesn’t seem like it should be listed as one of them. […]


I got a letter in the mail on Saturday addressed to “Craig Calcaterra, Shysterball.” Inside was a mint condition 1978 Topps Bucky Dent card. No return address. No note, no nothing else accompanying it. New York City postmark. Typewritten address label. Hurm. I haven’t died in the last 48 hours, so I’m ruling out anthrax […]

And That Happened

Reds 8, Indians 1: It was Brandon Phillips’ birthday and he beat up his old team to celebrate (3-5, 3 RBI). But he overplayed it: “It’s good to have a game like I did today, especially on my birthday and against the guys you used to play for. Today, I was like, ‘I’m going to […]