Nomar Returns

He’s bounced around so much since 2004 that I just sort of assumed that this had already happened, but apparently tonight is Nomar Garciaparra’s first trip back to Fenway since the 2004 trade. One of the commenters to that story reminds us that Nomar turned down a four-year, $60 million contract that spring. I only […]

Ryan Sadowski’s Mom

Laugh if you want, but Sadowski’s mom did better for him than Tommy Tanzer and Scott Boras did for Matt Harrington: You think Scott Boras is a determined agent? Boras couldn’t carry Elaine Sadowski’s cell phone. Mrs. Sadowski is the mother of Ryan Sadowski, the Giants’ only undefeated starting pitcher. He’s 2-0 since being called […]

The Cleveland market is not the problem

I’ve been beating the Eric Wedge and Mark Shapiro drum quite a bit lately, including this morning, when I wondered why in the heck one or both of them haven’t been fired yet. Cleveland Frowns, however, says that the problems lie elsewhere: But before becoming too shaken up by the prospect of either of these […]

My Morning in Exile

Great Moments in my day job: This morning I was sued (in my official capacity) by a violent inmate currently serving life in a New York prison. He’s trying to get transferred to an Ohio prison, and keeps suing public officials in order to accomplish his goal. I represent public officials in Ohio, so I […]

And That Happened

Phillies 2, Mets 0: Blanton beats Santana, yadda, yadda, yadda. I want to use this entry to make my first observation of the All-Star season. Fact: Charlie Manuel manages the NL team this year. Fact: he has an All-Star roster with too many first basemen and nary a legitimate centerfielder to be found, among other […]