What’s wrong with baseball?

Steroids? Overpaid players? Nope: A new Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll finds that baseball fans think the high cost of attending games is by far the biggest problem in Major League Baseball right now. The poll released Thursday found a whopping 63 percent of respondents said high prices are the game’s top trouble – up from […]

The Josh Hamilton Tax?

I understand one part of this, but I’m not sure I understand the other: The average ticket price to the Major League Baseball All-Star game in St. Louis is down more than 50 percent from last year, while the ticket price to the Home Run Derby is up more than 9 percent. The average ticket […]

My Morning in Exile

Not doing ATH this morning has completely thrown me off my game. I have no idea how I structured my day before I started writing it. And not just my blogging day. My whole morning schedule — including my coffee, my shower, and my commute downtown — was simply out of whack, and I think […]

Comment of the Day

I’m sick of the 94 strike being blamed for the demise of baseball in Toronto, it is an excuse not a reason. See the reaction in this country to the NHL lockout for evidence. When the NHL returned TV ratings went up significantly and attendance was boffo. The reason? Simple, we missed hockey. We didn’t […]

ATH Express

I didn’t get a chance to post my “And That Happened” recaps this morning, but I’ll offer some quick hits regarding last night’s games: Andruw Jones went crazy against the Angels last night, hitting three homers. Which is the same number of homers he hit all last year. And which, for the season, puts him […]

It happened, but I missed it

Sorry folks, park’s closed. Moose out front shoulda told ya. OK, not really. But I don’t have any recaps this morning for various and sundry reasons. I will be a-bloggin’ as usual today, however, so if anything particularly daffy came up during last night’s games I’m sure to be on it eventually. Once again, sorry. […]