Woo hoo!!!!

I’ve never felt more loved and cared for in the world than I do right now. No less than 25 people have emailed, Twittered, Facebooked, and/or smoke signaled me to give me this glorious, wondrous news: Two National League East foes swapped outfielders on Friday, as the Mets traded Ryan Church to the Braves for […]

Betancourt to the Royals

Joe Hamrahi tweets: The Royals have acquired SS Yuniesky Betancourt and cash from the Mariners for minor league pitchers Danny Cortes and Derrick Saito! The Royals are probably the only team to which Betancourt could have gone and represented an upgrade at short. How much of that contract is going to be paid by the […]

Quote of the day

OK, I lied. Meetings have beat the living crap out of me today. Just sucked out my soul and will to live. One meeting was even about having another meeting next week. I wish I was lying. I just need a beer or seven at this point. As such, anything else that happens today is […]

My Morning in Exile

I should call it my morning in Hell. I got four posts in over at the Blue Network when I was dragged into a meeting that probably didn’t need my presence. Two hours later and I’m just now emerging, and no, I am not a better man because of it. And guess what? At 1pm, […]

And That Happened

Nationals 11, Astros 10: Everyone will be writing this morning about how Joel Hanrahan got the win in this game despite no longer playing for the Nats and how Nyjer Morgan scored the winning run even though he was playing for the Pirates when the game started. Even trippier, though, is that (a) both men […]