My Morning in Exile

Unfortunately, it will only be the morning, as I have to leave in about five minutes to go to a hearing in beautiful Jackson, Ohio. Johnny and June Carter weren’t singing about that Jackson. Neither was Lucinda Williams. In fact, I think the only notable thing about Jackson, Ohio was that they filmed a big […]

Acta Fired

We knew this was going to happen, we just thought it was going to happen sooner: In the middle of his third season as manager, Manny Acta has been fired by the Washington Nationals, a source with knowledge of the situation said tonight. Asked in an e-mail about his job status, Acta replied, simply, “Thanks […]

And That Happened

Why do we need an All-Star break? I’m not even tired . . . Tigers 10, Indians 1: I listened to this game on the radio while painting the railing and trim around my front porch with ShysterFather. ShysterFather is great, if for no other reason than he’ll help me paint my porch, but he’s […]