Cue the Organist

I’ve mentioned before that I love organ music at the ballpark. It’s one of the reasons why Dodger Stadium ranks so high for me, actually. Lots of organ + nice weather = awesome, and it’s a sad thing for me when I walk into a ballpark and get assaulted with the rock and roll and […]

The BBWAA gets one right

Folks may disagree, but I think this is the wiser move: Baseball writers have turned down a proposal to form a committee for developing guidelines on evaluating players from the steroids era in Hall of Fame voting. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Rick Telander, who brought the matter up at a Chicago chapter meeting last month, made […]

Lincecum on a leash

Tim Lincecum: more prepared this year than last: With tonight’s temperatures expected to reach a humid 86 degrees, Tim Lincecum knows from experience how to get ready for his first All-Star Game appearance — drink lots of liquids. The San Francisco Giants’ ace, picked to start for the National League, missed last year’s event in […]

Road tripping to the All-Star Game

Somewhere along the line Heath Bell knew there’d be girls, visions, everything; somewhere along the line the pearl would be handed to him: Bell was among the last All-Stars to arrive at their hotel, checking in at 10:17 a.m. Monday after he, Padres teammate Adrian Gonzalez, Gonzalez’s wife, Betsy, and batting practice pitcher Ray Krohn […]

My Morning in Exile

Things to read as you wonder whether heckling the kids trying to catch the fly balls during the Derby makes you a bad person . . . If you only read one butt-headed, xenophobic comment from a former MSM columnist who is unawre of geography and demographics today, make sure it’s this one. A very […]

And That Happened: Classic!

Note: due to the All-Star break, we now bring you a special “Classic” version of “And That Happened.” The following originally ran on July 14, 1956. Glad that All-Star break is over. Man, Griffith Stadium leaves a lot to be desired! Only 28,000 in attendance? Maybe they’d draw more people if they stretched the event […]