Comment of the Day: Heresy!

This morning in ATH I said: Ian Kinsler starts the game with a leadoff homer and ends it with a walkoff. Pretty neat! Not so neat that he did it off of a knuckleball, of course — Karma’s gonna kick him in the jewels for that somehow — but I suppose he’s riding pretty high […]

More on Huntington, Sanchez and Wilson

Is it just me, or is it the slowest day in baseball news history? Seems that way, anyway. So I circle back to where I began the day, which is with the Sanchez-Wilson deal. Just read Dejan Kovacevic’s chat transcript over at the Post-Gazette, where he fields this question: Mr_Xiaoqi: How much did the whole […]

Moon Shot

Following up on the Man in the Moon post from this morning, Lar at Wezen-Ball has a great post up about how baseball reacted to the “moon landing.” And as a bonus: this is just weird. Oh, and this has nothing to do with baseball, but it’s pretty cool anyway. One wonders what could have […]

Ozzie is always bored

Ozzie Guillen saying what I suspect a lot of managers think: “I’m always bored,” Guillen said. “I’m not playing. You’re sitting around for seven innings. My game starts in the sixth [or] seventh inning. That’s when you see me look around the stands a lot, because you play this game for that many years and […]

My Morning in Exile

Just reading some cards from the suggestion box . . . “You suck” “You suck” “Howard Stern rules” “If you can read this you are a dork” “Coupon for one free kiss from Treder if you are a girl” “We need more complaint cards” “Coupon for one free kiss from Treder if you are a […]

Man on the Moon

A series of funny anecdotes about how the anniversary of the moon landing intersected with baseball. I’m a little dubious of the Gaylord Perry story — the home run was legit, but I’m guessing Alvin Dark’s comments wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny. This one was pretty good though: It was 10:56 p.m. when Armstrong walked […]

Last ember in the hot stove

One scans the wire reports in this line of work, and sometimes the wire reports contain strange things. Like this list of remaining free agents: BOSTON (5) – Paul Byrd, rhp; Sean Casey, 1b; Curt Schilling, rhp; Mike Timlin, rhp. CLEVELAND (1) – Scott Elarton, rhp. DETROIT (2) – Todd Jones, rhp; Kenny Rogers, lhp. […]

And That Happened

My boy turned four yesterday and started the proceedings off by waking up at 6 A.M., eating two bowls of Cocoa Puffs and then demanding presents, cake and the like for the next 15 hours. If the recaps are less than stellar today, it’s because I’m whupped. Braves 7, Mets 1: Correlation is not the […]