Halladay “emotionally gone”

At least that’s the hearsay Heyman is peddling via Twitter: based on halladay’s candid comments about wanting to win, a halladay acquaintance says this: “he’s emotionally gone.” Of course, given how wrong Heyman was about the Mets rumor, it’s just as likely that Roy is in the clubhouse dancing jigs and talking about how these […]

Even More Jenkins

Boy, Bruce is dealing today. I serve this one up without comment, Quote of the Day-style: Aside from building a deeply flawed ballpark that has done nothing but embarrass upper management (absurd ticket prices, right field playing like a Little League park, you name it), the Yankees play a loud, ominous-sounding siren — suggesting air […]

Nobody’s catching the Dodgers

We all kind of knew that already, but Bruce Jenkins tells us why: Jason Schmidt took the mound for the first time in a couple of years, and he was unbelievably bad. Three guys crushed the ball in the first inning. His curveball was all over the place. His fastball had no life. He hit […]

Julio Castillo on trial

Remember Julio Castillo? The Peoria Cheifs pitcher who threw a ball into the stands and set off a brawl in Dayton last year? Well, his trial started today: In opening statements during the trial of Julio Castillo, assistant Montgomery County prosecutor Jon Marshall said the evidence will show that Castillo, 22, of the Dominican Republic, […]

Yankee Stadium

The possibility was broached back in May, but now it’s official: The Yankees said Notre Dame and Army would play the first football game at the new stadium next year, reigniting one of college football’s great rivalries. The game, which is scheduled for Nov. 20, 2010, will most likely be the first of several football […]

My Morning in Exile

Things to read while you realize that high-volume blogging is a lot more like running a radio broadcast than it is like writing . . . Jon Heyman said that the Mets rejected a reasonable Roy Halladay deal. Wait, no they didn’t. Heyman is full of it. In light of all of that, I’m a […]

And That Happened

Pirates 8, Brewers 5: Pittsburgh snaps their 17-game skid against Milwaukee, and the Brewers look pretty damn immature in defeat, plunking Jeff Karstens in what I guess was retaliation for him hitting Ryan Braun back in April. This despite the fact that they hit three Pirates the day after the Braun thing, and had an […]