NBC Comment of the Day

I love the readers at NBC. I really do! And despite my worst fears going in, I’d say 99.9% of them are reasonable people. But then there’s that .1% . . . Here’s a comment that came in response to my saying — with my tongue very obviously in my cheek — that it would […]

Gambling is bad

Kind of a lost day for me as the legal job sapped the afternoon away, but let’s close on an amusing note, shall we? For weeks now, Delaware’s sports betting, under the umbrella of the state lottery, has received major criticism. The NFL has been at the reigns of the opposition, and now the verbal […]

Organ Music at Turner Field

I like organ music. I like the Braves. Ergo, I like articles about organ music at Braves games: For the past four years, the Atlanta Braves had used recorded organ music for games at Turner Field, but it wasn’t the same. Fans heard the familiar, traditional sound of an organ, but without a living, breathing, […]

And That Happened

White Sox 5, Rays 0: Nice game for Josh Fields (1-4, grand slam). Scott Kazmir’s nightmare season continues. Rumors have him on the trading block to free up some salary for the Rays to get Lee or someone. What a difference a year makes. Wait, why are you looking at me like that? Did something […]