Francona: The Dice-K business will “blow over”

On Monday Daisuke Matsusaka spouted off. Yesterday, Terry Francona and John Farrell spouted back. Today, we may have achieved detente: But it appears that, contrary to speculation, this relationship can be salvaged. During his weekly radio appearance on WEEI’s “Dale and Holley Show,” Francona said he spoke to the starting pitcher on Wednesday morning and […]

Great Moments in Exciting the Fan Base

MooseinOhio has a friend named Mike, who has followed the Indians for decades and decades. His friend reacted somewhat colorfully to the news of the Cliff Lee trade, and all involved were gracious enough to share that reaction with the rest of us: Only Cleveland would trade the reigning Cy Young Pitcher who is currently […]

My Morning in Exile

All of the cool kids are on their way to the SABR convention in D.C., so I’m doing a little extra duty over at the Blue Network this morning: Vin Scully, legend; Bill Plaschke, idiot. Dustin Pedroia will tell you: length doesn’t matter. Nats Park gets more expensive. Dice-K is starting to get the beatdown […]

And That Happened

Padres 3, Reds 2: If the recaps suffer a bit today it’s because I was at a bar saying goodbye to a good friend last night (a friend longtime ShysterBall readers will remember, actually). Mark and I used to work at the same law firm together, and once I left at the end of last […]