Thanks, Rupert!

So a month or so ago I was asked by the New York Post to review Marty Appel’s new Thurman Munson biography. They sent me the book. I read it. Liked it. I wrote a review. Then I traded the book to Jason at IIATMS for a Chipper Jones jersey he didn’t want anymore (query: […]

Joe Posnanski to SI (well, more so)

As you probably saw today, Joe Posnanski has been offered a Senior Writer gig at SI, and will be leaving permanent employment at the Kansas City Star. Great news for a great writer. One issue, though. Posnanski says he’ll keep the blog. I assume it will stay independent, but one can’t help but think that […]

NBC Comment of the Day

I’m not really making this a daily feature, but today was a red-letter commenting day, so I have to offer the best: There’s no sense arguing with Craig. He is the “know all, “be all” and “end all” of everything related to “the list” or in existence for that matter and we should bow to […]

Bob Watson is on the case

Bob Watson is investigating the whole Mota-Fielder incident. Ken Macha: “[Fielder's] been hit a lot. . . . He doesn’t like when somebody does it on purpose. I don’t blame him. . . . This type of mentality puts everybody in jeopardy. Giving a guy a $500 fine and two-game suspension isn’t enough.” Well, yeah, […]

More on Rob’s Vacation

Ahhhh, Wilker goodness. This is more like it. Feel free to take a couple of extra days now, Rob. BTW I, and I assume many other bloggers, got another baseball card in the mail recently. I don’t have it in front of me, but it’s a 1975 common whose name I’m forgetting. Lovely card though. […]

My Morning in Exile

Gray day, everything is gray. I watch but nothing moves today: Hank Aaron is wrong. Alternative title: the post which has caused all kinds of people to come out of the woodwork and call me an idiot. Mother of mercy! Is this the end of Rico? Er, Prior? ESPN brings the hammer down on sports […]

And That Happened

Dodgers 17, Brewers 4: In a scene out of late-80s WCW, after the game, Prince Fielder ran through the underground tunnels to go put a hurt on Guillermo Mota in retaliation for a ninth-inning plunking. Fortunately for Mota’s health and Fielder’s wallet, he was stopped at the Dodgers’ clubhouse door (though I’m guessing he’s gonna […]