Heh, heh, heh . . . he said “bum”

It’s sometimes helpful to remember, as we apply our very adult judgments and our very adult values to the game of baseball, that it’s essentially being played by people who are about as mature as my four year-old son: Mike Sweeney screamed from the Seattle Mariners training room Thursday, issuing what amounted to an all-points-bulletin. […]

The A’s release Giambi

You kinda saw this one coming. I can only assume that Giambi still wants to play somewhere. If not, don’t you think that the A’s and him would have tried to work out some sort of retirement announcement? I dunno. Maybe contract stuff complicated it. As it is, I think there’s zero chance that he […]

My Morning in Exile

A couple of people pinged me about that “I don’t believe in God” comment in the previous post. Look, I’m not going to go into all of my reasons in this space because it’s simply not appropriate, but let me say this much: no all-loving, all-powerful being creates a world in which John Hughes drops […]

News Corp to charge for content

This will be fun to watch: News Corp is set to start charging online customers for news content across all its websites. The media giant is looking for additional revenue streams after announcing big losses. The company lost $3.4bn (£2bn) in the year to the end of June, which chief executive Rupert Murdoch said had […]

And That Happened

Yankees 13, Red Sox 6: Lord, deliver us from Red Sox-Yankees baseball, because this game was positively interminable. And while we’re petitioning the Lord here, let us ask Him to prevail upon one John Smoltz (3.1 IP, 9 H, 8 ER) to hang up his spikes, because this is just way too painful for a […]