The Red Sox get Gonzalez

Lugo, Renteria, Cora, Gonzalez, Lowrie, Green, Cabrera, Reese, Garciaparra, Crespo, Vazquez, Pedroia, Gutierrez, Bellhorn, Clayton and now, once again, Gonzalez: The Red Sox, who have had a revolving at shortstop in recent seasons, reacquired a familiar face this afternoon in attempt to help solve their ongoing problem. Alex Gonzalez, who was spectacular with the glove […]

Great Moments in intellectual convergence

Joe Posnanski in a post he put up last night: I don’t like that players took steroids and some certainly still do; but again … reality. Many elite athletes in an effort to succeed will push the boundaries of fair play. As Buck O’Neil always said: “The reason we didn’t do them is because we […]

My Morning in Exile

Bronson Arroyo has been called on the carpet for his honesty yesterday. At times like these, it’s worth remembering that baseball is a part of corporate America, and that corporate America is not a big fan of honesty. The Wrigley beer-tosser has turned himself in. Our long national nightmare is over. Personally, I hope he […]

Great Moments in being unbelievably clueless

Definition of chutzpah: a man who blew his arm out in his 20s criticizing a manager for monitoring his young pitchers’ pitch counts. Definition of outrageous f*cking chutzpah: a man who did time for literally stealing millions from people criticizing a player for “stealing” millions by not playing up to the size of his contract. […]

And That Happened

Reds 7, Nationals 0: Johnny Gomes (Johnny Gomes?) hits three homers and Bronson “Flintstones kids, ten million strong and growing” Arroyo throws a two-hit shutout. Obviously his best game of the season, so maybe he decided to use his one DUI last night. Hey man, he earned it. Tigers 2, Red Sox 0: Justin Verlander […]