Dayton Moore has more job security than you do

Always good to see merit being rewarded: The Royals have reached a tentative agreement with general manager Dayton Moore on a four-year contract extension that runs through 2014. The new deal could be announced as soon as tonight. The move confirms owner David Glass’ belief that Moore has the organization pointed in the right direction […]

The Tejada thing

I hit up the Miguel Tejada pitch-tipping thing at NBC over the weekend, but I didn’t think too deeply about it. I stand by my initial thoughts on the matter though, which were (a) I don’t know if he was doing it or not and I’m not sure anything in the article proved that he […]

Dontrelle Willis may be done

Via Pinto, The Detroit Tigers Weblog declares D-Train over: The rocky Tigers career of Dontrelle Willis has been well documented. And the story just keeps getting sadder as Willis walked 8 hitters in his rehab start for Toledo. There is this rush in sports conversation today to be the first to declare someone “done” and […]

The chain of knuckleballers

lar knows what I likes: In fact, since 1908, when Eddie Cicotte made it to the major leagues for good, there has been at least one pitcher carrying the knuckleball banner in the big leagues every year – and that’s even ignoring the pitchers who only lasted 3 or 4 years in the majors. The […]

And That Happened

Giants 9, Rockies 5: What a difference a week makes. Heck, not even a week. Six days after the Rockies beat the Giants on a grand slam, the Giants do it to the Rockies, courtesy of Edgar Renteria. Given the Dodgers’ relatively uninteresting play lately, I think I’m going to squint my eyes until the […]