The Giants make an odd move

The Giants have called up pitching prospect Madison Bumgarner. Is this evidence that (a) Brad Penny really wasn’t the answer; (b) evidence that Brian Sabean thinks he has his own David Price v.2008 on his hand; (c) evidence that the Giants are throwing in the towel in an effort to get the future some innings; […]

My Morning in Exile

Three day weekends screw me up for a good five days: Was Shoeless Joe innocent? You won’t find that answer to that question in the linked article, but you will find some dirt thrown on the “Eight Men Out” version of things. Lou Gehrig: The Iron Horse’s Ass. OK, not really, but that’s probably how […]

Great Moments in local halls of fame

I was reading PFT this morning and came across Carson Palmer saying that he was certain that sometime, maybe soon, a football player is going to die on the field from a collision. Then I read Florio’s followup comment: “The worst-case scenario will happen when two guys moving at maximum velocity crash their bodies together […]

Fernando Rodney avoids prison

And gets off with a nice three-game suspension: Detroit Tigers pitcher Fernando Rodney has been suspended for three games and fined for throwing a ball toward the stands following a game last week. During a postgame celebration on the field after Detroit beat Tampa Bay 4-3 on Friday night, Rodney threw the game ball toward […]

Great Moments in Tortured Analogies

I do my best to steer as clear from politics as possible in this space. But at the risk of crossing the line, I link to an editorial that uses an extended analogy involving Major League Baseball to talk about the health care debate. The upshot: health care reform that involves a public plan would […]

Programming Note

Hey all — sorry, but there’s no ATH this morning. I got back from my weekend in WV later than I had planned last night, other stuff took precedence, and before I knew it, it was late and I just wasn’t able to get to the games. Apologies. There will be normal blogging otherwise today, […]

THT Awards

Greinkeian: adjective describing poor run support. Used in a sentence: The amount of help Bobby got from his teammates was practically greinkeian.