Whicker Apologizes

Whatever editors were asleep at the switch when Whicker wrote his column woke up and forced him to apologize this evening: It was not my intention to do so. But it’s obvious that I miscalculated the effect the column on Jaycee Dugard, and the events that she might have missed during her captivity, had on […]

The Giants go green

Good thing the Giants already wear those off-white home uniforms, because if my experience with all-natural detergents is any guide, they would have looked pretty dingy soon anyway: Though baseball may be a long way from getting performance-enhancing substances out of its players’ bodies, the Giants announced last month that they have fully “detoxed” their […]

Maybe the worst sports column ever

You’re a newspaper columnist. You’re on a deadline. You have to find something worthy of 800 words and you’re stumped. What do you do? Why, you use a horriffic 18 year-long child abduction, rape and imprisonment as a hook for a rehashed “aren’t those athletes just nutty” piece! It doesn’t sound as if Jaycee Dugard […]

My Morning in Exile

Another fun Nice Guys Finish Last bit: Leo Durocher going on in 1975 about how, in his mind, Babe Ruth is still the real home run king. The more things change . . . DeSoto? What did he do? Discovered the Mississippi. Oh, like they wouldn’t have found that anyway. Prince Fielder to the Giants […]

Grand Theft Ripken

I’ve lived without HBO for the past decade, so I’m just now watching “The Wire” on DVD. Great show, as everyone has said, even if it does cause people to get a really skewed impression of Baltimore, which is an underrated city in my experience. Of course, there is crime there: The full-sized statue of […]

Nine nine nine nine nine nine

Marty Noble either needs to get a life or be imprisoned for abuse of research assistants for this piece on the number nine in baseball. Not that it wasn’t a fun read. Still, MLB.com is really going overboard with this 09-09-09 thing. I thought the Romans purged all of the numerolgists after the First Council […]

And That Happened

Rangers 11, Indians 9; Rangers 10, Indians 5: Lots of runs, Marlon Byrd went 4 for 4 in the day game, blah, blah, blah, but I wanna talk about something else. As I mentioned before, I’m re-reading Nice Guys Finish Last. I’m being really pokey about it, putting it down, reading other stuff, forgetting it […]