Selig speaks

I was complaining yesterday that the absence of Hank Steinbrenner makes the Yankees kinda boring, even if his absence is actually a very good thing for the Yankees. I feel the same way about Bud Selig’s stubborn refusal to say silly, indefensible things in recent years. He was interviewed at length today, and didn’t say […]

Torii Hunter wins Branch Rickey Award

Angels outfielder Torii Hunter was named the recipient of the 2009 Branch Rickey Award. The award is given out each season to honor those players who do the most to set the single game record for stolen bases allowed, to crush the independent minor leagues, to deal sharply with players renegotiating their contracts and business […]

My Morning in Exile

More Whicker: He blames the Internet! Hey, if you’ve got nothin’ else may as well do that. I am a bit miffed though. The Poynter article says that “Slate’s Jack Shafer called Whicker’s piece ‘the worst sports column ever written.’” I called it that first! I demand to be recognized as the first person to […]

And That Happened

Cardinals 5, Brewers 1: Albert Pujols hits two homers and Adam Wainwright throws seven shutout innings to claim his 18th win. Tony La Russa was asked after the game if Pujols should win the MVP. What’s Tony say? “Those are the kind of questions that are distracting and I don’t answer them.” Pujols is hitting […]