ESPN spikes Neyer’s Whicker piece

Neyer wrote a post today about the now infamous Mark Whicker-Jaycee Dugard piece. But don’t bother going to ESPN to read it because it’s not there. As Rogers Cadenhead at Watching the Watchers reports, ESPN spiked it. Rogers has a cached version of it here. At least a partial one. I think we’re all pretty […]

My Morning in Exile

Things I wrote while wondering why on Earth I agreed to review a Buzz Bissinger book . . . Chipper Jones might just call it quits. I don’t really want to see him go yet, but I’m wondering if it might not be easier for Braves fans after he and Bobby Cox retire. I think […]

And That Happened

Rockies 5, Reds 1: Jose Contreras had to leave the game in the third inning with angina or dropsy or consumption or whatever the hell it is that 86 year-old people get all the time. Didn’t matter though, because at this point the Rockies could probably put the 1985 Hackensack Bulls in the lineup — […]