Goin’ to California

The missus and I are going to San Francisco/Napa for a few days. There’s supposedly a wedding we’re to attend, but this is our first real trip anywhere without the kids, so it could be a lead pencil symposium and I’d be happy. I really need a few days off, and the Bay Area does […]

My Morning in Exile

Stuff I wrote while realizing that my rant yesterday is going to result in like 10 people getting me the Bob Dylan Christmas album as a gift this year: Aaron Crow signs. Thank God he avoided that train wreck of an organization in Washington and got more money to boot. What? He signed with the […]

And That Happened

Royals 9, Tigers 2: Five shutout innings by Greinke lowers his ERA to 2.14. No starter has been that low to finish the season since Clemens in 2005. No non-jackass starter has had one that low since Pedro in 2000. Someone please explain to me again the basis for not giving this man the Cy […]