Great Moments in Live Chats

I guess I’m not the only baseball writer who struggles to fit a day job in with the writing: Buster Olney (1:31 PM) Hey, guys — I’ve got a call I have to take, I’ll be back in five. Buster Olney (1:43 PM) Sorry, guys… I had to take that call. Back to the chat…

Quantifying integrity, sportsmanship and character. Yep, it’s Jack Marshall time!

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know who Jack Marshall is. Lawyer, Red Sox fan, professional ethicist anti-steroid crusader and — and I mean this in the nicest way possible, Jack — outrageous pain in the neck. Pain in the neck because he routinely disturbs perfectly comfortable conventional wisdom […]

My Morning in Exile

I made it all the way up to the 16th floor this morning without the elevator stopping at any lower floors. When I got to my office: champagne celebration. Hey, if baseball teams can do it for the littlest things, I can too . . . I wonder what the odds of Brian Sabean not […]

And That Happened

Yankees 4, Red Sox 2: The Bombers clinch, win 100, guarantee home field, etc. Inevitable, but the exuberance looked a little less rote yesterday than I seem to remember it in years past. I think those who have been there a while have a new appreciation for making the post season after what happened last […]