More on the mud balls

This is starting to get bizarre: The intrigue about “Ballgate” continued this morning when a Cincinnati Reds clubhouse attendant who is in charge of rubbing up the baseballs, stopped by Cardinals manager Tony La Russa’s office to tell his side of the story as to how the balls used in the game seemed so slick […]

Comment of the Day

Varitek’s pitch calling ability is the stuff of myth, legend, and outright fiction. And as of right now, he can’t do ANYTHING. Can’t hit, can’t throw, can’t block pitches, can’t run. If I forgot something, just assume that he can’t do it. There’s an argument to be made that he is the worst player in […]

My Morning in Exile

I experienced my first symptoms of playoff fever this morning. I’m going to try to rest and take fluids, but I don’t think I can fight it off much longer . . . Joe Mauer is a thief! The Blue Jays pay for about 1/12 of Vernon Wells’ 2010 raise. The Mets’ doctors: their diagnosis […]

NBC Comment of the Day

We all had a lot of fun with the Derek Jeter thing yesterday, but I think today brought the absolute best comment ever: Who of any of you have the right to call the number one hitter ,an all star,a local hero to thousands of Yankee fans a thief.99% of you could not carry his […]

Quote of the Day

I actually wouldn’t mind if he’s behind the plate for Josh Beckett’s Game 2 start — Varitek’s presence is of apparent importance to the pitcher, and that’s worth something. I just don’t want to see him digging in to the batter’s box for a meaningful late-inning at-bat. Heck, I’d rather see the suddenly available Eric […]

And That Happened

Tigers 7, Twins 2: I’ve seen a lot of “well, whaddaya expect, Pavano sucks” comments floating around the internet since last night’s loss, but it’s all from New York people who can’t get his time in Gotham out of their heads. Sure, he got knocked around last night, but before that he had owned the […]