2009 Attendance down 6%

Maury has everything you ever wanted to know about 2009 attendance. Upshot: it was down 6%. While a steep drop, it (a) reflects smaller capacity stadiums in New York; (b) is basically what the owners predicted before the season started and; (c) overall, is still the fifth highest attendance of all time. Given where unemployment […]

The “SweetSpot Network” goes live

Following up on Jason’s news from Friday, Rob announces the team-specific blogs that are now partnered with ESPN. There they are: • Fire Brand of the American League (Red Sox); • Mack Avenue (Tigers) • GoHalos.com (Angels); • Memories of Kevin Malone (Dodgers); • Nick’s Twins Blog; (Colt .45s); • It’s About the Money (Stupid!) […]

My Morning in Exile

Thanks for all of the kind words in the ATH thread, folks. It makes the three or four years I’ll be losing at the end of my life due to chronic sleep-deprivation all worthwhile. A preview of the Cardinals-Dodgers NLDS. This smells like conventional baseball writing. I don’t do conventional baseball writing very well, so […]

And That Happened: 2009 Finale edition

Tigers 5, White Sox 3; Twins 13, Royals 4: 162 games and nothing is decided. Before Saturday night the Twins hadn’t smelled first place since May. They were seven games out in early September. Now it all comes down to Tuesday. I love me these 163-game seasons we’ve been having the past couple of years, […]