Man, those Giles brothers are charming

First Brian, now Marcus: Former Padres second baseman Marcus Giles was arrested early Wednesday morning on charges of domestic battery involving his wife, El Cajon Police Sgt. Fenton Sue said. Sue said police were called to Interstate 8 at Greenfield Drive at 3:20 a.m. by California Highway Patrol officers who were with Giles, 31, and […]

My Morning in Exile

1. Play emotionally-draining game; 2. Drink lots of beer and champagne; 3. Immediately board a flight to New York; 4. Arrive at, like, 3 A.M.; 5. Sleep the sleep of the drunk and the red eye air traveller; 6. Play game against the best team in baseball at 6 P.M. Sounds like a recipe for […]