Cole Hamels bolts to the birthin’ room

My son was born the day after I saw “Batman Begins” at the theater. If he would have come sooner, Mrs. Shyster would have been on her own. They’re called priorities, Cole Hamels. Think about it: Phillies starter Cole Hamels has left the ballpark with his wife, a former “Survivor” contestant, who is in labor […]

TBS PitchTrax

The little rectangle on the right side of the screen bugs me. No, it’s not a crime against humanity, but I tend to have a pretty good ability to remember how a sequence of pitches has gone — at least to remember enough to make the whole batter-pitcher confrontation meaningful for me — so I […]

Andy Oliver and the NCAA have settled

Per Keith Law, Andy Oliver has settled with the NCAA : Andy Oliver, the former Oklahoma State Univ. pitcher who won a court decision earlier this year voiding the NCAA’s regulation prohibiting student athletes from having an attorney make direct contact with a pro sports team, has settled his case against the NCAA, two weeks […]

My Morning in Exile

New York, Los Angeles and Philly won yesterday. FOX and TBS smile . . . CSI: Buster Olney. This all seems like great science, but none of the following factors are included in the analysis: (a) liquor before beer, never fear; (b) hair of the dog; or (c) the healing and sobering power of Sausage […]