Proposal: Regulate PEDs like mortgage-backed securities.  Or something.

The legally-minded among you may find this interesting. It’s a law review article about the best way to go after PEDs in sports. From the abstract: This Essay argues that performance-enhancing substance policy should be modeled after federal and state securities regulation. Instead of punishing use, regulators should require disclosure of all substances used, and […]

My Morning in Exile

Sorry things have been quiet the past couple of days. I was home with kids yesterday, and today I’m busy preparing for an appellate argument scheduled for tomorrow morning. Breaks from those activities — and almost all of the time that stretched into the wee wee hours of last night — consisted of me frantically […]

And That Happened: Division Series

Phillies 5, Rockies 4: Wow, what a game! Colorado scores three times in the bottom of the eighth, only to have Philly do the same in the top of the ninth. The most interesting thing about this, I think, is that home field advantage, such as it was, actually hurt the Rockies, with the snow-out […]