Sometimes it rains

There are many reasons I like the cut of CC Sabathia’s jib. This is the latest: Rain can delay Friday’s Game 1 of the ALCS between the Yankees and Angels, which would give starter CC Sabathia time to play his favorite video game. “I’m pretty relaxed, hanging out,” Sabathia said. “It just gives me a […]

My Morning in Exile

Query: Is George Sherrill really “the Pride of Memphis” as Chip Caray said last night? How many people in Memphis actually know him and what he does for a living and truly take pride in it? You certainly have family, some high school teammates and what, a few dozen other people? I bet the number […]

And That Happened: NLCS

Phillies 8, Dodgers 6: We’ve taken your National League division champions and secretly replaced them with the Red Sox and Yankees! Let’s see if anyone notices! Four hours+. Lots of homers. Not my kind of game, but I suppose the Phillies will take it. I had thought that Kershaw would be sharp and Hamels not […]

Waiver Wire Offseason: AL

Here at Waiver Wire, we were sure that everyone was too busy polishing their league trophies last week to consider 2010 already. OK, maybe we were all just watching the playoffs. But now, MLB is down to four teams after some quick LDS play, and we can start thinking about who to draft and who to keep in keeper leagues.