SBJ breaks down the impact of various ballpark giveaways and promotions on attendance. There’s a chart at the link that I’m not going to reproduce here. Suffice it to say, however, that Webkinz night is quite the draw. College Night and Little League Day, however, may as well be replaced by an H1N1 promotion. (Thanks […]

My Morning In Exile

Things I wrote while wondering whether I am the only attorney in Columbus, Ohio who is listening to “Protect Ya Neck” on his iPod right now. Maybe this guy is . . . Jamie McCourt should sue Frank. Not for ownership of the team, but for sexual harassment. “He fired me as soon as we […]

And That Happened: ALCS

Angels 7, Yankees 6: Behold the power of the Rally Monkey. Or behold the the suckiness that is A.J. Burnett when he doesn’t have his best stuff. Or behold the presence of mad chance that allowed the Angels to win despite the best efforts of Mike Scioscia. Whatever the case, each team did its best […]