Yankees > Giants

Baseball is my sport, but NBC pays me, so I’m torn: In a television matchup of New York sports teams, baseball’s Yankees were more popular than football’s Giants. The Yankees earned an 11.4 rating for their Game 6 victory last night over the Los Angeles Angels in the American League Championship Series, shown on News […]

Silver Chalice Ventures

I’ve written in the past about Fenway Sports Group and its not-subject-to-revenue-sharing money. The Red Sox are not the only team getting in on the act: The Chicago White Sox are stepping up to the plate in the digital media arena. Silver Chalice Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Major League Baseball team, is […]

My Morning in Exile

I got 99 problems but delaying the first pitch ain’t one: When the Mets’ gravity fails, negativity will pull them through (hat tip to Jay for putting “Tom Thumb’s Blues” in my head) According to Heyman, Joe Girardi is one of “October’s Disasters.” I agree that good outcomes don’t validate bad decisions, but c’mon. The […]

Coach Mark McGwire, 2010

I handled the McGwire story seriously here, so now let’s have some fun with it: [scene: Cardinals-Cubs game, summer 2010. Yadier Molina just struck out on four pitches and goes to talk to the hitting coach] Molina: Hey Mac, Zambrano got me with the changeup last time. So I was looking changeup, and he busted […]

And That Happened: ALCS

Yankees 5, Angels 2: “At times we played good baseball. At times we shot ourselves in the foot,” Mike Scioscia said after the game. Someone’s gonna have to point out the good for me, because I missed most of it. Eight errors in the series. Saunders walked five guys last night. Scioscia made baffling move […]