Quote of the Day

“I don’t have hate for Philly exactly — they are like our redheaded stepchild. It’s like a nothing city. It’s just insignificant in comparison to New York.” – Michael Stewart, random Yankees fan quoted in an article that brings the Phillies’ hate like nothin’ you’re going to see today. I’m guessing that the Philly retort […]

My Morning in Exile

Don’t read anything I wrote this morning. Spend any free Internet time you have today here. You won’t be sorry. But when you get done with that: In 1950 a new house cost $8,450.00, the average income per year was $3,210.00, and the Phillies lost the World Series. Between the recession and the Yankees’ superior […]

And Nothing Happened

I get having last night off, but is there a reason in the world why Game 1 can’t be played tonight? I mean a reason that doesn’t involve silly network decisions? In the meantime: Robin Roberts reflects on the Whiz Kids and the Phillies of today. In his honor, and in honor of the 1950 […]