IIATMS v. Wezen-Ball

It’s not as bad as Sophie’s Choice, but picking between Jason and lar in their blog network’s awards voting is kinda sorta like picking between your kids. Your baseball-obsessed, sloughing off from work, probably-got-no-family-life-to-speak-of-because-they’re-reading-old-Baseball Digests-or-trying-to-hide-their-man-love-for-Derek-Jeter kids. Each are nominated for “Best Baseball Blog.” Jason is also nominated for “Blog of the Year.” Vote early and […]

Frank Fires Back

Well, it was technically the Dodgers themselves who filed the latest brief, this one telling the divorce court — quite reasonably, mind you — that it has no business telling a private company whom it must and must not hire or fire, no matter who owns it. Best quote: “Given the dysfunction which was caused […]

My Morning in Exile

Let’s put the comments section to good use this afternoon: use this thread to post your World Series prediction. No need for heavy analysis. I want (a) your winner; and (b) a short statement with your reasons why. I won’t hold you to Twitter length, but I’m definitely looking for Twitter spirit: short, pithy, decisive […]

The McCourt Divorce: Reader’s Digest version

Recently-fired Dodger CEO Jamie McCourt filed for divorce from Dodger owner Frank McCourt yesterday. Or I should say alleged Dodger co-owner Jamie McCourt filed for divorce from alleged Dodger co-owner Frank McCourt, because ownership of the Dodgers is clearly the big deal here. If you’re into this sort of thing you can read the papers […]