My Morning in Exile

Lots of cross-pollination between NBC and THT this morning, as every time I wrote something in one place, someone would tell me something interesting and new about it in the other. Who says that the mainstream media and new media can’t get along? Two posts on Damon’s steal. One bringing the hyperbole (an ATH regurgitation, […]

Quote of the Day: Johnny Damon

In Lupica’s column, via CTB reader comeoneman: “What were you doing going to third?” Damon was asked in the Yankee clubhouse. Johnny Damon smiled and said, “Trying to keep (Lidge) from throwing a slider.” And in case you’ve missed the comments in ATH this morning, eagle-eyed and elephant-brained ShysterBall readers recall that Willie Mays and […]

And That Happened: World Series

Yankees 7, Phillies 4: On the one hand, the double steal by Damon in the 9th doesn’t really matter, right? He’d be on second base before the A-Rod hit and still would have scored, even if someone had thought to cover third. On the other hand, Brad Lidge was on the mound, and that guy […]