Programming Note

When I started writing ShysterBall in the spring of 2007, the idea was to give myself a place to be where I could escape the stress and unpleasantness of my legal career, if only for the briefest of moments. As time went on, it began to consume more and more of my waking hours and, […]

My Morning in Exile

Things I wrote while realizing that no matter who wins this series, one of the managers is going to get more guff than he probably deserves: Are McCarver and Buck rooting for anyone? Is this a ripoff of Jay’s previous post on the subject or just an homage? Do you get more angry comments and […]

And That Happened: World Series

Phillies 8, Yankees 6: Jimmy Rollins on the win: “We didn’t have a choice. It was either go home and watch football and college basketball or extend the season.” Somewhere Cole Hamels is whimpering. He really likes college basketball. Other random thoughts: Braves fans have long known — and lamented — how awesome Chase Utley […]