Bit dramatic, ain’t it?

I’d like to think that the announcement by Bugs & Cranks’ Dave Chalk that he is quitting the baseball blogging business is dry humor, and that his leaving B&C is occasioned by another offer or a lack of free time or something as opposed to truly being disgusted with the sport. If not, it’s simply […]

My Morning in Exile

Not sure why I’m writing this — I’m guessing most readers are off work today for Guy Fawkes Day and everything — but for those of you in essential services . . . Did the Yankees buy their championship? You may not be surprised to learn that this one has sparked quite a debate among […]

And That Happened: World Series

Yankees 7, Phillies 3: Champs. You saw it, so no need for me to describe it. I’ll just offer some observations: Andy Pettitte was gutsy and successful. Pedro, while unsuccessful, was just as gutsy. He certainly knew before anyone — and probably well before the game started — that he had nothing last night. He’s […]