$5 million in photos

They didn’t cut corners anywhere else on Yankee Stadium, so why start with the artwork?

Art broker Tracie Speca has been working 16-hour days for the past six weeks to install 1,300 vintage photographs worth a total of at least $5 million in the stadium’s clubs, hallways and restaurants. Ms. Speca saved whimsical images for the suites’ private bathrooms, including a shot of a group of nuns getting out of the subway for a game and another of Mickey Mantle selling chicken. Ms. Speca sorted through 60,000 images from the Daily News and sourced additional images from MLB, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and the Library of Congress. The Yankees have already hired Ms. Speca — whose father played minor-league ball and roomed with Pete Rose his rookie year — to collect and install 500 to 700 additional pieces later this year.

Personally, I would have gone with Art.com. Sure, the stadium’s walls would have been covered in whimsical Campari ads and those posters of the dudes sitting on the beam eating lunch during the construction of Rockefeller Center, but they would have saved an awful lot of money.

(Once again a thanks to Pete Toms for reading the Wall Street Journal so I don’t have to)

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