And Nothing Happened

I get having last night off, but is there a reason in the world why Game 1 can’t be played tonight? I mean a reason that doesn’t involve silly network decisions?

In the meantime: Robin Roberts reflects on the Whiz Kids and the Phillies of today. In his honor, and in honor of the 1950 series, Charlie Manuel should sit Cliff Lee for Game 1.

Also, lar has all kinds of fun with the 1950 series. Hey, if Jim Konstanty smokes Camels, why wouldn’t I smoke Camels too?

Note: the last game of the 1950 World Series was played on October 7th. People keep complaining about the postseason lasting so long, but at least we still have some baseball ahead of us in late October. What did those mopes in 1950 have to look forward to? The Chinese invasion of North Korea? The Rosenberg trial?

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  1. Aarcraft said...

    Jay-Z’s The Blueprint is a classic in the rap genre. Multiple music critics have rated in among the top 10 albums of the decade. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean there is no talent involved.

  2. lar said...

    Thanks for the link, Craig. Glad you liked it. I just love that Camel ad (which looks like it was the back cover of the Life mag that week).

    Apparently the server is down right now, though, which is pretty lame (ask Jason @ IIATMS how aggravated he is with it). It should be up “in the next hour or so”… we’ll see, right? Great timing for us baseball blogs!

  3. lar said...

    Oh and that Robin Roberts article is kind of funny. It talks so much about Roberts’ (and others’) ability to complete games that year (Roberts had 20 wins and 21 CG), but it seems to forget that Konstanty won the MVP as a “closer” (0 starts, 62 games finished, 16-7 W-L, 22 “saves”). Roberts was certainly a stud in 1950, but it’s not like the Phils weren’t going to their ‘pen plenty…

  4. Drew said...

    I guess the idea is, if the LCS has a rainout (which it did) and goes 7 games (which it did not) then you’d still want a day off before the world series started in case there was any travel.  Thus, Wednesday.  I realize the Wednesday thing was almost certainly network-driven, but that makes sense, doesn’t it?

  5. Steve A said...

    Starting tonight would necessitate a game on Friday night (or another equally useless non-travel off day).  Even when they started the series on Saturday night, they tried to avoid Friday night World Series games like the plague.

  6. Vegas Watch said...

    “I get having last night off, but is there a reason in the world why Game 1 can’t be played tonight?”

    Jay-Z is performing in Baltimore tonight.


  7. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

    Jay-Z is performing in Baltimore tonight.

    Appearing, you mean. Performing would imply actual talent.

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