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The Giants’ Double-A team moves to Richmond and gets a new monicker:

“Flying Squirrels” was announced this afternoon as the nickname for the new Richmond Double-A baseball franchise. Also under consideration as finalists were Rhinos, Flatheads, Flying Squirrels and Hush Puppies. The new team will begin playing at The Diamond next season and is affiliated with the San Francisco Giants.

Personally, I like hush puppies. Not for a team name or anything. I just like hush puppies.

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  1. YankeesfanLen said...

    The shoes, the food, or the dogs? I prefer the latter two, but Flying Squirrels only reminds me of Bullwinkle (and perhaps Boris and Natasha)

  2. Jack Marshall said...

    Is this the first pro team team ever to be named after rodents? No New Jersey Nutrias or Capital City Capybaras? Will they cough up enough cash for the rights to use Rocky as their logo and mascot? June Foray is still alive and kicking at 92…she’d be the perfect public address announcer.
    (Disney did a nature movie in the 60s about a flying squirrel named “Peri.” He might be available.)

  3. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

    Portland Beavers, Jack?

    A UMass legend has it that the actual winner of the rename-the-team contest was “The Artichokes” – and if folks don’t believe that to be possibly true, look up the names of the Rhode Island School of Design’s hockey and hoops teams.

  4. lar said...

    Well, it looks like it was the Connecticut Defenders who moved to Richmond. That’s a shame, because I liked that name. Still, I think that choosing the Flying Squirrels as the name means the franchise will continue to have the best minor league name in the Eastern League (I actually took a look at the best team names in the minor leagues a couple of months ago… I’d definitely add Flying Squirrels to that list)

  5. DSFC said...

    Dear God… someone who spent many happy afternoons and evenings watching the R-Braves at the Diamond, I was glad to see baseball didn’t leave Richmond for long (although I no longer live there).  However, that name is horrific.

  6. Dave Studeman said...

    Headline after Williams beat UC Santa Cruz for a national tennis championship: “Purple Cows beat Banana Slugs”

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