1. Grant said...

    One wonders when, in an increasingly secular world, Americans will give up this fiction that drinking on Sunday somehow interferes with piety. Even in New York City, where beer is available in virtually every convenience store almost 24/7, and bars stay open until 4, there is a window between 4 AM and sometime a few hours later (I always forget, might be like 9 or 10) on Sunday morning when no alcohol is to be had. In other places it’s much worse, of course, with some places prohibiting all non-bar/restaurant sales on Sundays, or even these mythical “dry counties” I hear about in the Deep South.

    I just don’t get it. I don’t understand why the (fading) religious views of a (increasingly small) minority should dictate when I can buy a beer.

  2. YX said...

    Don’t worry about beer. I lived in Atlanta during GaTech days, and you can’t get a burger on Sunday smack in the middle of downtown either.

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