And speaking of gambling . . .

. . . Darren Rovell reports that the Wilpons had money tied up with the spectacularly-disgraced Bernard Madoff:

It’s believed Madoff and the Mets owners have been connected for at least 20 years . . . The question now is how much money was invested? If we’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars, which is not out of the question, you’d have to think it could affect the Mets ability to further itself this off-season beyond the pitching moves they’ve already made.

Memo to K-Rod: ask to be paid in cash.

(Thanks — again — to Pete Toms for the link)

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  1. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Re: the Madoff fraud, Pete was saying that he wasn’t familiar with the term “Ponzi scheme.” I told him that I love Ponzi schemes, and that I’ve had clients get in trouble over them in the past.  The best part is when they try to explainin to you (or the jury or the cops) how the whole arrangement worked, all the while trying to make it sound like it was a totally legitimate business opportunity.

    The best part is when they vainly try to make you stop saying “so, what you’re saying is that it was a ponzi scheme, right?”

    Good times!

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