And that happened, bub, boy howdy!

Today is odd link day, apparently. Here’s another one, which I like an awful lot. It’s called “1924 and You Are There!!” Upshot: a guy is playing the 1924 season with Strat-o-Matic cards and then writing up news stories about each game in the lingo of the time:

But Johnson’s sweeping arm was a half speed off today, for he was inviting runners onto the sacks at an appalling rate. Les Burke singled off him to begin the Tiger 6th, was bunted to second by Wells, and scored on a Lu Blue double to close the score to 6-5. Two walks and two bloop singles the next inning then re-tied the game, and both starters fought their way out of subsequent pickles until Burke got his third straight single to open the bottom of the 9th. The Train retired the next two men but them Manush lined his fourth hit, a single between McNeely and RIce, to send Burke to third.

Up stepped Cobb, hands grinding into his bat handle, spikes gouging the batter box earth. Johnson peered into Bennie Tate, got the sign and twirled. Cobb swung fiercely, stroked the sphere over the head of Harris and Burke skipped home with the winner.

I thought of doing something like that with my old Lance Hafner simulation about four years ago, but figured no one would want to read my daily recaps. Live and learn.

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  1. YankeesfanLen said...

    Some morning you’re going to wake up and start chanelling Damon Runyun on ATH
    Does a Yankees-Atlanta series always bring this out in you?

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    I’ve actually toyed with the idea of themed-ATHs, but I figured that they’d be really hard work so I’ve given up the idea.

    A 1920s theme would be cool, though.  I could ripoff that Onion bit from last year: “That ol’ pitcher McIlhenny is gonna hang one off his jaw, though your bohunk’s got a coconut like a bag of brass doorknobs and might not feel it—Crimony sakes, you call that a heater? Tossin’ dewdrops like that, we could turn ya loose in a looking-glass factory and ya wouldn’t do the goods no harm…”

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