And That Happened

OK, that’s a bit premature. But we do have game action!

Alex Rodriguez was booed, then homered in his first game since admitting he used a banned substance.

The New York Yankees slugger started the spring training season with a two-run home run and two walks Wednesday at the Toronto Blue Jays’ ballpark. The third baseman left the exhibition opener in the fifth inning.

There were a lot of cheers, a smattering of boos and occasional cat calls from hecklers. Earlier this month, Rodriguez said he used the banned substances from 2001-03 while with the Texas Rangers.

Rodriguez walked on five pitches in the first inning. Many in the crowd at mostly filled Dunedin Stadium stood and cheered as he circled the bases after homering off Ricky Romero in the fourth.

Since this was against the Jays, it’s just as possible that the boos were for the nearly two year-old “I’ve got it”-gate than they were for the PED stuff. At least I hope so, because irrational, long-held grudges make me smile.

But hey, baseball, babies!

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  1. Levi Stahl said...

    I’ve just returned from a week in Japan, where, for the first time, my lack of interest in the World Baseball Classic was overcome—albeit temporarily. Without the WBC, after all, I wouldn’t have gotten to see Big Papi and Jason Bay staring at me from Tokyo subway ads, nor would I have gotten to watch highlights on Japanese TV news of the Japanese team beating the Australian team—complete with Ichiro! highlight.

    Now can we have the real thing, please?

  2. Jeff said...

    I love how on ESPN and other websites lead with A-Rod got booed.  But then in the context of the recap they say he got a smattering of boos.  Hasn’t A-Rod been booed in every city that the Yankees played for the past 4 years?  If anything, what is surprising is that the boos weren’t really bad and that people cheered after he homered.  I’m sure when the Yankees play the Red Sox it will be nasty, but this doesn’t seem any worse than normal in the Yankee/A-Rod Universe….

  3. themarksmith said...

    I’m glad that “And that Happened” is back. Then again, tomorrow’s would have the Braves losing another one run game. Here’s to the new season!

  4. Evan said...

    For a second, I thought this was a blog plug. raspberry

    @themarksmith: I just love that clip.

    Craig, speaking of long-time grudges, I still hold one against John McDonald.

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